Once again, Welcome aboard Water Wings. My name is Skipper Scratchy and I will be working to make your sailing and diving vacation spectacular.

A little about myself. I attended the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD where i moved from windsurfing to competitive sailing for the offshore team. After graduation in the spring of 2000 i ran the offshore sail training program that teaches new midshipman how to deal with the joy and challenges of a 45′ sailboat in the middle of the Atlantic.

After leaving the academy i started flight school the summer of 2001, finally becoming fully qualified in the carrier based Navy EA-6B Prowler. I flew that aircraft for just over 6 years transitioning to the EA-18G Growler, which i still fly today.

Approaching a 22 year retirement from active duty service i decided that i would like to host a premier charter business for sailing and diving. First starting in the Caribbean then traveling around the world.

I hope you will join WWS&D on her adventures exploring the world.