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The Weather Doesn't Care What you Want To Do!
Got me some new foul weather gear! The original plan for our stop in Gibraltar was to pick up some replacement provisions, hit the local chandlerys for needed safety gear and spare parts (Gib Yachts...
Gibraltar (Part 1): When Mother Nature Doesn't Cooperate, You Explore Gibraltar
Getting settled and Climbing “The Rock” The View coming into the “The Rock” The fun, but tricky thing about having “crew on board” is you make basic plans for a sailing trip: you know...
Departing Valencia: Things get weird in the dark!
Atlantic Crossing Leg 1: Valencia, Spain to Gibraltar, UK Arriving in May, we had no idea what we were really walking into.  We were excited about being brand new boat owners of this beautiful newly...
Exploring The Beautiful History and Architecture of Valencia, Spain
Before we leave Valencia behind in our blog for good, I would be remiss if I didn’t cover some of the amazing sights and events we took in while we were there.  After a couple of weeks of being in...
The Final Push: Prepping to Leave Valencia
Return to Valencia After pulling away from the dock at Puerto Gandia we ran our autopilot configurations, then we were off for our 6 our journey north back to Valencia.  It was a nice sail with...
Our First Haulout in Gandia, Spain
Back at “home” in Valencia, it was time to get serious about addressing any remaining concerns and needed preparations prior to the big Atlantic Crossing. Our primary goals for the haul out to was to get...
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